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Paper comics. "Superman" By Peter George. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason: "Plurality" The article 04.03.2019 at 08:19

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It Turns out that "every planet has its own defenders, their own League". But here's the RUB: someone who is able to destroy "in one fell swoop the entire League", opened for Supermen and Superwoman hunting – which "is, it seems, across the multiverse"...

we are All created equal. We exist to help others. And while leaving at least one person with the letter S on the chest, no one and nothing could destroy us.

the Tone of "Multiplicity" by Peter George. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason asks an unexpected meeting of the new Superman with a Russian colleague ("You speak Russian..." - "I speak several languages"). But this is not "Red son", and direct confirmation of the existence side by side of many parallel universes – what we knew, but rarely in Russian publications before encountered.

We are the true Justice League. {...} Superstrada squadron, sworn to fight the forces of the cosmic level that may threaten the life, development and existence of the multiverse. {...} All members of our League representatives of different lands. I am the Superman of Earth-23... {...} Aquawoman from Earth-11, Red Runner from Earth-36, Green Lantern of Earth-20...

turn the Original graphic novel by Peter George. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's "Superman. Book 3. The multiplicity of"

And again in "Planetarium of the worlds", a sort of "House of heroes", who we know man of Steel just in case said:

- we are Now in a kind of cosmic police station located in so-called blood vessels, through which you can travel to other dimensions... That is all you inter-dimensional policemen guarding law and order on all these Lands, right? {...}

- We deal with more serious situations, a threat may be posed to the stability and security of the entire multiverse.

- Because a threat to one Land – is a threat to all Lands.

so How is it that although "there are only fifty-two versions of Superman", Superman didn't even have to know?.. The fact that he, as we remember, "a kind of anomaly" was at the center of our attention after the death of the previous kryptonian (another thing, why didn't Batman, for example, Aquaman?). The need to meet – and urgently! - have because "right now across the multiverse someone steals Supermen", and they are the most that neither is this bloody hunting is carried out by the hands of alien pickers performing their terrible mission strictly by the list.

- And what happens to those who are in the list?

- Processing. They are waiting for processing. Absorption. Such is the fate of any product.

Turn a graphic novel by Peter George. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's "Superman. Book 3. The multiplicity of"

it is Curious that the leader of all this, shall we say, deadly transaction (there will be a small spoiler) are remarkably similar in their aspirations to Thanos from an entirely different Universe (I wonder, by the way, they somehow do overlap? just how much "Land" there is in the world?..). And his evil, at first glance, action is also justified by the desire, so to speak, good...

- Why are you doing this? All these Supermen protect their worlds from...

Oh, what nonsense, what self-deception... You are just insects to the impending storm. Your worlds... my world, too... Very soon they will all disappear! We're all doomed! And only if my veins will flow the force of every one of the Supermen and Superwoman of the multiverse, I will be able to enter the battlefield and defend your world! {...}

- So going to become a Savior of the universe?

- I – it is.

- If you believe in it, believe in their exclusivity, awaits you only one thing: defeat.

Turn a graphic novel by Peter George. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's "Superman. Book 3. The multiplicity of"

Framed by a "Plurality" two bonus chapters, the first of which were written for the traditional "Yearbook" (and to it are attached, by the way, fragments of the script). Juicy brushstrokes and bright colors then discharged the meeting of Superman with Dr. Alec Holland, better known by the nickname Swamp thing and well the speaker, is, in Cryptoki. Holland is the guest of our planet a few questions – but: "I'm Afraid in the current situation, the words are useless. However, as the merger. Well, let's get right to acquisition"...

...Around you, a dissonance. That it affects the amount of solar energy that we attract to the area where you are. Previous Superman so much is not required. And after his death you began to absorb even more energy. Maybe you should leave Earth. Because the longer you're around, the more it can hurt our planet. {...}

All this time you experienced doubt. You could not blend in with this world, even if its residents have recognized in you Superman. {...} It's all in the properties of the Earth on which we live. She rejects all the alien fights with him. () And all because you can not accept this world. Are you still not consider his own. {...} You must free yourself.

Concludes that (except for collectible artwork, drafts and notes) "Dark harvest", a teen horror movie about an evening spent with the son of the current Superman with a neighbor, Cathy, who asked for his help. Let me remind you that the first two volumes of the new series was primarily concerned with John (because they are more focused on children) and "Superman" has become much more Mature. The way we're used to seeing.

Cover graphic novel Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason's "Superman. Book 3. The multiplicity of"

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