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The cryptocurrency has jumped after the launch in Switzerland, the exchange-traded product based on Ethereum

Forex Club 06.03.2019 at 07:33

Main crypto currency sharply went up after the news that one of the largest European exchanges – Swiss SIX Swiss Exchange launched trading in exchange-traded product (ETP) based on Ethereum.

however, a negative aspect to the market introduced a report by PwC, which says that the crypto currency exchange WEX is used to withdraw bitcoins hackers SamSam.

the bitcoin exchange Rate of 10.00 rose for the day at 3.15% - up to 3840 dollars in the capitalization of 68.4 billion dollars.

Ethereum by this time rose by 6.81% to $ 136,6 with a market capitalization of 14.5 billion dollars. In the course of this cryptocurrency had an impact offer Parity Technologies, one of the developers of the software for Ethereum to spend another hardwork cryptocurrency to restore access to frozen funds totaling $62 million.

Litecoin per day has risen by 11.5 per cent to 52.3 per dollar, its market capitalization was 3.2 billion dollars.

XRP by this time increased in price by 1.61% to 0.31 $ capitalization 13mlrd dollars.

the Total capitalization of the stock market reached 132.3 billion dollars.

Despite the current growth spurt, financial scouts believe that soon, cryptocurrency will return to the negative dynamics: then, bitcoins could fall to $ 3750, Ethereum may go down to $ 135, XRP - to 0.3 of the dollar and Litecoin to $ 50.

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