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Markets in Latin America worried about the condition of foreign trade of the United States

Forex Club 07.03.2019 at 07:04

Latin American investors, along with participants in other markets slowed somewhat optimistic expectations of a speedy resolution of trade conflict between the US and China. On the market hope that the final agreement will be signed at the end of March, however, these conversations go for a long time, so long as market participants prefer to switch to other significant factors.

In particular, some investors ' concerns escalated after data on the U.S. trade balance — the growth of this indicator in December was 18.9%, to 59.8 billion dollars, although the market was expecting only to increase of 57.9 billion dollars. Published evidence suggests that trade issues with China cause significant damage to us foreign trade.

in addition, a major concern of investors was the claim of the Chinese company Huawei against the US government because of allegations of the use of its technology by the Chinese authorities for the purposes of surveillance. New lawsuit once again sharpens the relationship between the parties.

If we talk about the internal factors operating at the markets of the Latin American region, it is possible to note the risk of introduction of new sanctions against Venezuela. While the supply of oil from Venezuela to the U.S. last week fell by 2.5%, to 83 thousand barrels per day. Negative point for Argentina is the deterioration of inflation forecasts this year.

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