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Nedvizhki all... People pushed to the stock market.

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. 08.03.2019 at 16:25

Club traders sMart-Lab. We make money on the exchange. / RSS channel

There is a saying that money is "pocket harness", using the entire pocket Lyashkov can burn. If the free cache stably enters and accumulates, the question arises where to invest. Earth and Nedviga has not attractive as an investment. Time is changing rapidly. Flat hanging, they can't sell. The market stalled, however, looming demographic hole of the nineties. Those who were born at the end of the Union, already evening training session of mortgages, then there is a failure in the demographics. In investments in foreign currency the people had enough. Well, I started to look into the exchange. Very popular IMS, because there can be deductions on personal income tax get profitable and reliable people interested in BFL. Where else can you carry money, do you think, dear smartlabels?

In the year 2018, the number of private clients on the Moscow stock exchange exceeded 2 million. And in 2018, the number of brokerage accounts IIS on the exchange doubled to 598 thousand Was opened 83 thousand accounts MIS asset management. Interest in such accounts are not accidental: they allow you to get tax deductions from the funds allocated for investment.

this year, the flow of customers continues. As reported by Moscow exchange, the number of private investors in the beginning of the year exceeded 2 million, and the number of brokerage ISS on January 31 amounted to 636,6 thousand

While the number of active customers who make more than one transaction during the month is about a tenth of all accounts. In 2018 the number of private investors on the Moscow stock exchange increased by 710 thousand people, and the number of active clients — 64.7 thousand people. Most brokerage accounts of individuals opened the Tinkoff Bank(285,8 million) and Sberbank (284,3 million).

the Citizens of Russia show interest in various securities. Turnover in the stock market, debentures and shares on the Moscow stock exchange in 2018 reached 10.8 trillion. rubles, an increase of 18%. Turnover on the derivatives market increased by 5.6% and reached 8.9 trillion. rubles. And the turnover in the bond market decreased by 6.9 percent, but remained relatively high: 10,2 trillion. rubles.