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A simple memory profiling for STM32 and other microcontrollers

Habrahabr / Interesting / topical publications 08.03.2019 at 21:12

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"With experience comes standard, scientific approach to calculating the correct size of the stack: take a random number and hope for the best"

— Jack Ganssle, "The Art of Designing Embedded Systems"

hi, Habr!

oddly enough, but the vast majority I've seen "books for beginners" at the STM32 in particular, and microcontrollers do not, as a rule, nothing at all about such a thing as allocating memory, placing the stack and, most importantly, to prevent memory overflow resulting in the one area frays the other and everything falls apart, usually with magical effects.

this is Partly due to the simplicity of the training projects carried out at the same time on debugging boards with a relatively fatty microcontrollers, which fly into a shortage of memory, blinking led, quite difficult — recently, however, even beginners I increasingly there are references, for example, controllers of a type STM32F030F4P6, easy to install, worth pennies, but a memory having units of kilobytes.

These controllers allow you to make quite a serious thing (well, we have, for example, is a quite a useful izmailovka made on STM32F042K6T6 with 6 KB of RAM, which is still free a little Bolle 100 bytes), but when dealing with memory when working with them requires a certain accuracy.

On this care and want to talk. The article is short, professionals will learn nothing new — but for beginners this knowledge is very recommended to have.

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