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Blog Yandex 01.03.2019 at 08:00

Blog Yandex

If you ask a professional translator, how to translate a particular word, he, most likely, to clarify: "In what context?". This is the right question without knowing the context, i.e. the linguistic environment of the word, it is difficult to understand which of the possible translations is the most accurate.

So now Yandex.The interpreter not only shows the translations of words and phrases, but also gives examples of how these words and phrases are used in different contexts.

Examples are quotes from books, movies and television series. They go in pairs: in the original language and in literary translation, including the recognized masters — Nora's Gal, Rita Wright-Kovaleva, Victor Golysheva. Comparing options is easier to understand the shades of meaning and choose the most appropriate translation.

the List of examples is automatically. For this purpose, parallel texts from the database, where the trained translation model. The database also has classics such as the novels of Dickens and Maugham, and examples of contemporary spoken language — for example, replicas of the characters on "house" and "the Simpsons". To find out where the quote, hover over the icon on the right.

Section with examples of works in beta mode. Sometimes the algorithm that is responsible for the selection of quotes, admits mistakes. We know the error and teach him to be exact.

Now, the examples can be viewed in the translation from English into Russian and back. This is the most popular among users Yandex.Translator language pair. In the future we plan to include other languages and to add a section with examples in the Interpreter app for iOS and Android.

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