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How to make money online? 38 ways.

Serega's blog Goncharova 04.03.2019 at 13:51

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet

Many, very Many, want to earn online. I just don't know where to start. In this article, I present to you 38 ways on what you can earn on the Internet.

so let's begin.

Boxes. Yes, a little. But as for me, this is not the main way of earning money, it is more a tool for the promotion of his project, which brings even more earnings. If you work directly with buxom (that is to surf and perform tasks). Then you can earn up to 200 rubles per day. For a beginner who has just mastered fit. Earnings on entering captcha. Also not the best and most highly paid form of income. But 200 in a day you can scrape together. The same is suitable for beginners and those who do not want learning something new. Paid surveys. So, too, is something. The largest 100 rubles a survey, which also comes once a month. The cryptocurrency. There is much more complex. There are 3 ways of earning on it. 1) the So-called taps. 2) mining. 3) I call it buy — sell. Buy cheaper, sell more expensive. Due to the fact that the cryptocurrency is not stable in price, it can either earn or lose it all. My advice is to use the first two options. Earn answering questions. On the website the Big question are paid. and for answers to questions, and the question itself if you ask it. You can earn up to 3000 in a month. It is possible and more. The writing reviews. The work is labor-intensive and low-paid. But if you like to file lawsuits. Then spend time usefully. More and earn. Earnings on sharing services. You can earn up to 15$ per 1000 downloads on your link. Accordingly you need to make sure that this link was shaking. Games with money withdrawal. You can earn a lot, but you can lopuhnutsya. While spending your money. In this niche a lot of scams. Selling photos. Many photographers earn thousands of dollars per month. Rewriting and copyright. Labour a lot of money is not enough. But still, more than on the journal boxes. And another plus of this kind of earnings, is that a beginner can fill out and it will not be difficult, work on your own project. Freelance. If you know how to create sites to work in photoshop and any other programs for you. This earnings for you. The smallest that you can earn 10,000 per month. Many working in normal work earning less. Earnings on browser-based games. You can earn up to 5,000 rubles a month, while not particularly straining. As an additional form of income will do. Trade in virtual items. If you play a lot of games, and it turns out you are good. You can earn by selling game currency and rare items on the discussion forums. Earnings on Steam. Ought to attribute this view to the previous one. But no. It is quite another. And earned here is quite different. There are more opportunities and ways which deserves a separate article. Earnings on the social network page. Very small. Price for like or repost to 1 ruble. Not earn much, but worth a try. Earnings for the group in the social network. But this is better. For example untwisted group in VK, from 100,000 subscribers in one advertising post gets 1000 rubles. Such posts can be up to 5 per day. Here and see for yourself. 5000 per day. Earnings on the video. We all know that, a top videoblogger, a lot of money. What specifically will not speak. Everyone is a different figure from many factors it depends. In General, all that is needed. To remove quality content and upload it on YouTube. Registration and sale of valuable expiring domains. Just heard about this. As for me a very dubious form of income. Arbitration of traffic. The essence of the earnings production cheap or free traffic with the purpose of its further sale. Dropshiping. In other words, the mediation. Find a cool product, for example on Aliexpress or Joom and sell it with a wrap. Installation of mobile applications. Easy way to earn but it has a lot to impossible. Validation of search results Yandex. Also easy but underpaid. Writing term papers and essays. You can earn a lot, and sit at will have too long. As well as to stock, extra cluster of nerves, not hurt. There is not right for another error, the comma in the wrong place. Creative custom. To think of a name for something, offer it to the customer, and get paid for it. It's simple. Contests. In the public pages in social networks and sites are contests, often with cash prizes. As a permanent form of income, will not work. But you must admit, it's nice. Freelance sales Manager. Probably everyone came from some of Alice, to work in a team of Avon. And in some companies. The men earn 15 to 50 thousand per month. The main thing is the ability to sell. Placement summary. Pay for what your resume is downloaded by an employer, about$ 1. Search of vulnerabilities. Programmers can obtain monetary compensation from large companies (Yandex, Google), found a weak spot. Binary options. About them shouting at each corner. And Yes I have a friend who earns a lot on this. But he had this student, he practiced in the beginning on the demo account. Only after you switched to real money. Forex. The same as binary options. The difference in the amount you want to invest more time to it. And in time, it is a real market where every little bit counts. Casino. Oh, how I do not approve. And you can win and lose. It's clear that every day to win nobody will. Poker. TOP 100 players make millions. But this is not enough who wants. Earnings on blog posts (Zen Yandex, LiveJournal). The right approach can be 30,000 a month to earn. It needs to get regular readers. Earnings on referrals. If you know how to attract people, it's good. Earn with referrals a lot of money, in any of the above described method. Your Internet shop. Everything is so clear. It's a good function to the business. Investment. You need at least to know this niche. Then earn will be easy. Team. Quite a decent income. If you know how to sell. Own website or project. Left lastly. Earnings in this niche are different. Depends on visits and clicks on ads. But if the right to work and to promote a good website, you can very well earn.

of Course it is not all types of earnings. You can even invent your own or to learn something new. And that's it.

Thank you for your attention!

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