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Boxes. How to work for them? An informal approach.

Serega's blog Goncharova 07.03.2019 at 09:30

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


In this article, I want to tell you how to run properly on the journal boxes. A lot of them, not at all I was working. Here are some of them

Seosprint Socpublic Profitcentr Seoserf Well, foreign bushes of which the article is a little late

All I know is that on the journal boxes is surfing, emails and tasks for which not very much pay. Because of this, most spent not earning and 10 rubles.

But few know how to work on boxes, and what they can give besides money.

I often walk through the network in search of interesting information. About the boxes I have encountered only two types of descriptions.

the First: earn up to 10,000 rubles a day. And description of how to do it. To be honest a complete nonsense. After some time it becomes clear that to make the same amount per day on PTC site, is very difficult. But when reading the rules of the project, it becomes clear that it is not real. But such articles will appear. Because everybody needs good referrals who strive to earn.

the Second: Buchs did not earn, it is a Scam, books for beginners. Write offended people who obviously wanted immediately earn millions. And went from there, not understanding even the rules of the project.

In General, and they're both wrong. I have my own opinion.

Earn on PTC site. Not the amount that advertisers enticing promise of referrer URLs. But 200 in a day is quite real.

moving on now to how to earn them. I have to say. On the first day to do the few who succeed. As I write about long term. So.

Eat apples every day. Each day we are given the points, a button on which to click. Basically, it looks like an Apple. Work for surfing, emails and tasks. Well if you want tests, I simply do not like. Attract referrals. It works in tandem with the rating. The higher the rating the more % deductions from referrals.

All. It is the basis. There are other ways of earning on the journal boxes. About them I will tell you more in other articles. Each Bush is different.

now, I want to tell you that books can give besides money.

of Course, beginners it gives experience and training. Maybe even some money if they reach the threshold for payment.

What makes me keep on PTC site? It's not the money, I have to say. If you look at my accounts, you will notice quite a small attendance, small rating. For I have in addition to the cases in bulk. So what?

New interesting projects. But if I sit in the bushing, then you start to surf. Not for a measly 5 cents. But for the fact that is often get projects which have just appeared and unwind. Accordingly, they are working and can pay well. Yes, there are also advertised and frauds that you should be able to tell the difference. This, too, will soon be an article. New ideas. Personally, I take it the new ideas for the site. You can also write opinion on a good website. And to warn people about the Scam. Promotion. Mostly books is a good tool to promote their project and site.

Here's the reasons why in Buchs are people, and me. So don't throw them out. Work, and learn to see the potential. As mastered, move on to a new level or start your project.

good Luck to you and thank you for your attention!

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