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Earnings displayed in a captcha. Real to make money?

Serega's blog Goncharova 08.03.2019 at 12:50

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Here is decided to conduct an experiment. But at the same time and find out. Is it possible to earn a lot in solving a captcha?

No, unless you have about 1000 of referrer URLs that are working for you. And even under this condition, will not earn much.

Here, see for yourself. For solving 1 captcha is given 1 penny for recaptcha from 4 to 6 cents. Night 3 pennies per captcha and from 8 to 10 cents for recaptcha. It turns out that for 1000 solutions you will get at best 100. It's rounded. I know for myself 1000 captchas in one day is not resolved. Unless of course you are some genius masochist.

Even with lots of referrals does not reach. Unless you will be assembling a team of people ready for 100 rubles per day *PP to break. And their should be a lot, because deductions from referrals 10%. When such a small payment, to score even 200 in a day with referrals, will not work.

one More significant disadvantages. Very tired eyes, you lose concentration and focus. Because of this starting to occur. After I do not remember exactly how many errors, you get a BAN, always.

But in spite of the fact that money from there is better not to wait, there's a good side of solving a captcha.

let me explain. I caught a time when the school, on old PC, was game. There had, no mistakes to score these symbols on the screen, thereby conducting some furry beast out. If you don't have time to hit the keys quickly, then the beast chased and eaten. Error also ate. We are thus taught a quick set of characters.

When I came in, solving the captcha, it reminded me very this game. Only you don't spend the furry beast to the exit. Instead, you will be charged small money. And no one eats of this beast. Just done a BAN.

Who would fit this kind of earnings?

Serious people who know how to make something better, it will not work. It is suitable for beginners who really know nothing. For everyone else it will be a waste of time, nerves and effort.

Well, if you are still interested in this kind of earnings. Here are the names of the projects.

RuCaptcha 2Captcha Kolotibablo

At the moment it is the best and honest projects.

that's it. Good luck and thank you for your attention.

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