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Is it possible to increase the apartment due to the roofs and elevators

Question - answer - Legal advice 05.03.2019 at 17:24

Question - answer - Legal advice

Quite ordinary case was considered by Judicial Board on

civil cases of the Supreme court, when they were contacted by the tenants

apartment building. They were indignant neighbor who is expanding its

housing, taking part of the communal property - Elevator, attic and

the roof. In our case, housing two levels was even with the couple


And the debate began with a disaster - one of the tenants

multi-storey houses stuck in the Elevator. But be freed from the

stuck the cab arrived employees of the company for maintenance of elevators

failed. To their surprise, they suddenly found that they have no

access "elevators equipment". It turned out that the engine room

the Elevator, which was on the technical floor of the Elevator on the 12th,

13-m and technical floors become part of one of the apartments. And to get into

the machinery of the Elevator is possible only with the consent of the owner of this

huge apartment. This is a man so replanned and redesigned its

housing on the upper floors, that its territory was communal

system utilities.

the House with this flat

several floors caters to the management company, which in this

when the problems started. She and several residents went to court.