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30 draw 50 books (2000-2008) DjVu, PDF

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In the books of the series "Draw 50" illustrates how easy it is to draw. Books contain step-by-step instructions for practical drawing various objects in the process of mastering the art of black-and-white and grayscale graphics. A step-by-step drawing successfully used by adults and children.

List of books:

Draw 50 cars, trucks, and motorcycles

Draw 50 sharks, whales and other marine animals

Draw 50 athletes

Draw 50 biblical characters

Draw 50 girls with characters

Draw 50 dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals

Draw 50 animals

Draw 50 buildings and other structures

Draw 50 famous Russians

Draw 50 famous personalities

Draw 50 famous comics characters

Draw 50 famous politicians

Draw 50 disappearing animals

Draw 50 ships, trucks and trains

Draw 50 cats

Draw 50 tough guys

Draw 50 horses

Draw 50 cartoon animals

Draw 50 insects

Draw 50 monuments architecture

Draw 50 characters of Pushkin's fairy tales

Draw 50 birds

Draw 50 knights

Draw 50 aircraft and spacecraft

Draw 50 fairytale characters

Draw 50 dogs

Draw 50 tanks, planes and helicopters

Draw 50 flowers, trees and other plants

Draw 50 people

Draw 50 monsters