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#dangerprone: how to save the wallet from unnecessary waste themes of the day 06.03.2019 at 21:00

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As often, reducing your monthly budget, you notice that some of the spending was clearly superfluous? If at least a couple times a year you find yourself on this thought, it is time to begin to rectify the situation.

we have already figured out why you are overpaid and some two dozen financial habits hurting your budget. The theory mastered, it's time to go to practice and take emergency measures to save the wallet from over-spending. has collected seven ways of salvation. Select at least one and compare how it affected your life from the perspective of a reasonable handling of money. And remember: the more methods you use simultaneously, the more profit (not always immediate, but in the end you surely will see).

1. To postpone the purchase for few days

the Trouble with all shopping is impulse buys. You saw the thing, fell in love with her (in the case of women) or have firmly decided "Right!" (in the case of men) and then made the purchase. However, a significant proportion of spontaneous purchases, especially committed to the oppression or, conversely, joyful state, the results are of their respective owners.

2. To recover some of the costs

can Not refrain from purchasing any suit or perfume from the new collection? Then at least reduce your spending on these items. If you can't make a purchase in the discount period, use your Bank card with kasbekar, allowing to recover some of the cost of goods in the form of bonuses or money. Even if you use a credit card with cash back, then it can meet the grace period in order not to overpay for it.

Ad unit 3. To set a limit

Another option is to set a monthly and/or daily spending limit on their credit card. It will not allow you to go beyond the reasonable. Many large banks need limits can be set directly in the mobile app. If you want to increase it, it will be enough to log in to the mobile Bank or contact the call centre of your Bank.

4. To spend the money on education

Not the first month is about 10% of the revenue (if not more) that want to spend on a desired item? Be smart: invest these funds in education, this item definitely will never be over. In some cases it can even increase your income — for example, if you finish an MBA program, a number of employers are willing to offer you a higher salary.

5. To buy an apartment

of Course, it is unlikely that your "pod" around a few extra "orphan" million. But if you put aside several hundred thousand rubles, which was planning to buy a new home theater or motorcycle, you may want to reconsider opting for purchase of new or improvement of existing housing. This amount will be enough for a down payment on the mortgage.

6. To put money into the contribution

To not be tempted to spend money "on", open the Deposit and immediately transfer the prize and the resulting extra money on it. It is better to choose for this purpose reloadable, but do not remove (without losing interest) Deposit. Sky-high returns with existing interest rates you may be, and will not receive, but at least cover inflation.

7. To look into the future

Some experts suggest the following scheme of reduction of impulsive spending. "Putting eyes" on a specific product, imagine what a really useful purchase you could spend the same amount. For example, five is not purchased jackets is a minimum of 10-25 thousand rubles, which you can buy the smartphone (not iPhone, but it is a good cell phone) or go to the dentist (even one untreated tooth can deliver a sufficient number of problems and noticeable "bleed" your wallet).