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Customers can't close accounts to stop their work Touch Bank and have to pay a monthly fee for the service. Their applications are being considered for 31 days and again rejected.

the Client OTP Bank is constantly calling internal service recovery and requires to repay the debt service account in the Touch Bank. That's just a statement about closing the account was written in November 2018 through a personal account. Despite this, the customer has paid the debt and re-wrote the statement. It was seen 31 days and was rejected, so how come the next month and a new debt for account maintenance. This situation is common among many former clients Touch Bank who have closed their accounts after the announcement of the integration of the Bank with the OTP Bank and the subsequent closing.

the Bank is closed, bring money

In may 2018, it became known that the project of the Hungarian OTP Group — Touch Bank specializing in online customer service, continues its work in Russia. In September 2018 the customers were offered to move to OTP Bank in connection with the integration of Touch Bank. At the same time, many users of the online Bank known for their beneficial rates on deposits, withdrew their deposits and closed his account.

"had a debit card Touch Bank. After the absorption of the Bank Touch Bank OTP Bank in the fall of 2018, brought the money, the credit card was canceled through a Personal account. Services closing the account at that time already was not. At the beginning of 2019 went to call of OTP Bank on the availability of debt and need to repay it. Called the hotline OTP Bank, gave phone support Touch Bank. Called Touch Bank, asked to report to e-mail the amount of debt, details and a request to close the account. If you try to repay the debt through the savings received from him the message: "You entered an invalid account number the transfer is prohibited," he wrote in "the National rating" one of the customers of the Bank (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved reviews. — Approx. Banks.PY).

Another one of the "people's rating" spoke about his attempts to repay the debt for monthly service card for six months. "Pay off the debt for monthly service card and sent a request for termination of the contract and account closure. First time replied that you need to repay the amount for the next month. Repaid, but the Bank response was not followed. Through the month once again sent a statement payable under the contract in the amount of 250 rubles — again transferred the money to repay and wrote another request to close the account, waiting for a response from Bank from Bank only comes once a statement with the request to pay another fee for service", — said the user.

One of the affected customers said, OTP Bank don't see clients accounts Touch Bank, so I can not say how much money a customer must Deposit to the account was definitely closed.

"I quenched the Commission, write a statement about closing the account, they consider the 31 (!) day. In the end, comes the next month for which they charge a Commission of 250 rubles. It's been the third month," — said the client.

"All systems are Touch Bank isolated"

OTP Bank confirmed the information that their staff has no access to customer data project Touch Bank. "All systems project Touch Bank isolated... so it is natural that clients ask to address by contact phones directly to the customer support project Touch Bank, which continues to operate and serve the remaining customers," — commented the press service of the credit institution.


"Touch Bank Customers left without support, no answer, other channels of communication with the Bank no. OTP shrug, send call to Touch Bank. I had a debit card with a free service. Now a call from the OTP Bank and need to repay the debt. Where the debt is not clear. How to pay off is not clear (no connection with Touch bank, OTP Bank is not connected to the issue)", — reported in "the National rating" one of the former clients of the credit institution.

the Correspondent of a portal for two days tried to contact the contact center project Touch Bank, but no one picked up the phone. The press service of OTP Bank explains that in connection with the integration process and reduce the number of project clients Touch Bank the number of support staff was reduced.

"For this OTP Bank apologizes to customers of the project Touch Bank. The customer service Touch Bank will continue its work until the full integration of project Touch Bank in a standard product line of OTP Bank," — commented the press service.

it is Also the Bank's representatives stressed that the project initially Touch Bank was created as a totally separate functioning business, therefore all systems were Autonomous and often on different IT-platforms than the ones used in OTP Bank. In this regard, the staff of the customer support of OTP Bank never had the opportunity to, or correct any customer information in the databases of the project Touch Bank.

"the Process of integration, which began in may last year, is a fairly difficult project with lots of tasks. However, more than 99% of the customers of the project Touch Bank fully translated into standard products OTP Bank have either closed their accounts," — said representatives of the Bank.

"Carefully read the documents on the termination of the contract"

Indeed, in accordance with the terms of the agreement for a range of banking services Touch Bank, the account is closed after 30 days after the Bank statements of the client. Such conditions are not at all banks and, as a rule, apply to the credit account. The civil law provides that a settlement contract shall be terminated at the request of the client the same day.

"After the submission by the customer to the Bank application for closing an account, it is considered closed, and no the fee can't be raised because the contract no longer exists and the services the Bank can not be" — says the partner of law Bureau "Zamoskvorechye" Dmitry Shevchenko.

In accordance with the instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 153-And after receiving the customer's written application about termination of the Bank account agreement the Bank is obliged to give the client the balance of the account in cash or transfer of funds the payment order within seven days.

According to experts on banking products Catherine Marchukova, the account might not be closed for technical reasons — for example, if the application was not processed accordingly. A positive or negative balance on the card could also prevent the closure of the account.

OTP Bank stressed that there are often situations when customers ask to close the account, not running to the Bank its obligations, for example failing to pay debts. In this case, the account cannot be closed until the full discharge of client's obligations.

Please note that the Bank can offer to write a statement of termination in the prescribed form. Experts do not recommend to fill in this form, since the conditions of termination set out in the statement, beneficial to the Bank but not the client: it can be installed long processing time, a refund. The client has the right to make their own statement, specify the period subject to the above rules and to submit this statement of termination to the Bank. In case of refusal to accept, the customer shall submit an application to the Bank by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. After this procedure is proper notification for termination of the agreement — it is highly recommended to request a certificate of no debt and termination of obligations under the contract. The certificate is issued by a Bank that guarantees no further claims on the part of the credit institution on the payment of interest, fees and other payments.