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The characters of fairy tales that exist only in Russia

Pectrum 10.03.2019 at 06:01

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Many Russian characters have foreign roots. Dr. Dolittle Chukovsky fully "sketched" with the American Doctor Doolittle. Heroes, the keepers of the sleeping Princess, is actually the grown dwarves by the brothers Grimm. Even the dummy — only "shadow" elf nicknamed stupid head of tales of Anna Holson "the Kingdom of babies".

However, too early to get upset. There are in Russian folklore and original characters. And the West on their basis he created his characters.


the Granddaughter of Ded Moroz — the first thing that comes to mind. The old man himself in a red or blue coat — character common. In addition, the snow maiden is missing from ancient folklore. For the first time "ice girl" is mentioned in the tales of the funeral of Kostroma. In the stories depicted real Russian rite, something like a carnival. Stuffed girl, who personified winter, drowned or burned at the stake.

you see, the analogue is not the best. Abroad the maiden replaces the wife of Santa Claus. However, it is not made of snow and ice. In addition, often Santa help the elves. And, again, a parallel with the Maiden it is difficult to conduct.

the Gingerbread man

Russian fairy tale with old Slavic roots has a sacred meaning. The gingerbread man is not just a bakery product. In the spherical character of the ancient astronomers realized their observations. Travel Gingerbread man describe the movement of the moon across the sky.

In the original version after Gingerbread man left the scene of the birth, it turns to eat different animals. Similarly, a full Moon in the sky turned into a month. The last piece went to Fox. Was not a Bun the moon has completely disappeared from the sky.

the closest analogue of the hero of the flour lives in the United States. In English fairy tales in the late nineteenth century appeared first on the Gingerbread Man. With the Bun it makes only "pastry" origin.

Ivan the fool

Ivan the fool — the most popular Russian character. According to one version, the fool is the name of a talisman from the evil eye. On the other, the fool Ivan was, as was the third son. Royal inheritance he should not. Some authors see in Ivan the fool of a man with severe mental disabilities. Simply put, down or oligophrenic.

However, in the original fairy tales the fool is not Ivan. In his youth abandoned to their fate, the young man was constantly studying. Diligence and patience has borne fruit. At the end of the fairy tales, Ivan usually gets the Kingdom and the beautiful Princess.

Similar to Ivan's "fools" appeared in Italian and French fairy tales. Along with this, it is considered that Russian Ivan was the first of its kind.



Emel is sometimes mistaken for a kind of Ivan the fool. However, if the second worked hard, first just laying on the stove. Sometimes Emelya is compared to a fisherman from the Grimm tale "the Tale of the fisherman and his wife". But the work of English folklore is more reminiscent of Pushkin's "the Tale of the fisherman and the fish".

is Similar to the Emelia character is, in Japanese folklore. Only guy Hayaku tale "the tengu's Fan" used the magic fan for the fulfillment of desires. Despite the fact that the meaning of works of similar Emelya — native Russian character.

But the Pike — analogue of the Eastern Jinn. By the way, in Chinese fairy tales wishes are usually performed by dragons in the Irish — leprechauns, the English — fairy forest.

see also: Koshchei the Immortal, Zmey Gorynych, and other characters of Russian fairy tales got their nicknames