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Beauty of desolation: new work by Australian artist Rone

Journal of the Other 10.03.2019 at 11:03

Journal of Another -

Master of street art Tyrone Wright (Rone) from Melbourne, known for his women's portraits on buildings that will be demolished, has unveiled its new, spectacular project of Empire, over which he and his colleagues worked for over a year. Rone turned into a work of art in the abandoned mansion of Burnham Beeches on the outskirts of Melbourne.

the House in the style of art Deco, built in 1933 by architect Harry Norris, it was owned by Alfred Nicholas, a wealthy on the development and production of medicines. The mansion, reminiscent of the bridge of the ocean liner, built in a dense beech forest, surrounded by gardens, flower beds and a lake with an artificial waterfall. Himself Alfred Nicholas lived in this house for long — he died in 1937. During the Second world war, the widow of Nicholas gave the house as the children's hospital, and in the 50s, it housed a research center pharmaceutical company Nicholas. In the 80s there was a small hotel that wanted to revive in our time, but in the end nothing happened and the house more than 20 years stood empty and deserted.

Burnham Beeches, Sherbooke

end of 2017 Rone gathered a large creative team which engaged in the transformation of the mansion into an art project. The house was brought to hundreds of interior objects — from candlesticks and crystal glasses to sofas and piano. The artists gathered the fallen leaves in the surrounding forest mansion, and brought the grass and branches of trees, imitated the old Wallpaper and dust, creating an image of a collapsed and abandoned people of the territory going to the bottom of the Empire. The room with the library, even flooded with water for effect. Assembled sound equipment and travelling around the house inside is not only physical images, but also sound.

here's how it looks:


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone


Photo: Rone



Photo: Rone

project Exhibition runs from 6 March-22 April, don't miss out!

Rone aka Tyrone Wright.