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"Nature knows no mercy, but there's no hatred": 4 photographer of the year shot gunning a bunch of sharks

The NEWS THAT WE DESERVE 10.03.2019 at 15:00

Photo reports about events in the world

Initially, the mission of the photographer and diver Laurent Ballesta was only to capture how the groupers are going to mate at one of the Islands of French Polynesia.

it would Seem that here difficult? And the fact that groupers mate only once a year during the full moon, and the whole scene when it lasts no longer than 30 minutes. So to catch this event in the life of the marine fauna was not easy — the photographer from France took 4 years to shoot footage for his new book.

in addition, every time groupers swam out of the sea deposits to mate, hundreds of gray sharks did bloom. Laurent explained how he with his team managed to capture one of the most elusive phenomena under water and not losing limbs.

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