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Tape bitumen-polymer Brit And 50h5

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Tape bitumen-polymer docking Brit And 50h5 is used to seal the junction of the roads with rails, curbs, sidewalks, manholes, etc. Bitumen-polymer tape Brit And 50h5 combined with the different sorts and types of hot mixes. Due to the melting of the ribbon using high temperatures, as well as the further seal is provided by a strong and durable sealing of road joints. A feature of the connecting strips is the fact that the process of sealing surfaces occurs in the process of laying strips of Brit And 50h5 and its seal hot structure. This procedure fixes her position. Thus, the material forms a shielding layer, thereby the water saturation of asphalt concrete decreases and the formation of cracks on the canvas is prevented. Docking tape Brit And 50h5 at a temperature below 5C is applied to the edges of the joints of the seams to release the membrane was on the outside, her tightly pressed against the surface and remove the protective sheath. With further compaction of the hot solution, the tape dissolves completely and securely seals the seams. Quality, durability, and efficiency of tape usage And Brit 50h5 proven over the years. Its use prevents cracks in the seams, increasing the durability of road surfaces. Factory prices, discounts for wholesale. Shipment to all regions of Russia.