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The tablet washing powder to become at home in the city the only dealer

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Produce a tablet of washing powder intended for washing colored and white Laundry. Our product is manufactured according to European recipes and the finest imported raw material and has already established itself as a convenient and not too expensive for the family budget a means of hygiene, because it does not need to buy the packs, as traditional washing detergent, but it suffices to take as many pills as You need, at the rate of one tablet for one medium wash. Each tablet of our washing powder is produced in an individual package and intended for unit sales in all retail businesses, regardless of profile and purpose, and in any territory, whether South or North. Tablet for washing sold well at retail and as a profile, and as a related product range. For the dealer – tablet of washing powder is the perfect tool for building a business from scratch by selling household products in the region. Judge for yourself: the minimum investment (generally only labor and intellectual), no need to rent a warehouse, since the shape and volume of the product not required in any case at the initial stage, certainly, the dealer price that allows for profit and all dealer and wholesaler, and retail outlet, and earn immediately. Detailed terms and ways of cooperation, we can send You an email in response to Your request. If you're interested – let's continue our communication next is by telephone or other available to You channels. Your request we are ready to take on any convenient and accessible channels of communication, including via the feedback form on our website.