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Togliatti. Professional repair of your home.

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Russian workers with a great experience provide services for any finishing and repair works. Professional and high quality replacement of pipes and risers of plumbing, heating and sanitation. Tie-in of water meters (with license), water heaters, towel rails. Install plumbing items. Installation, replacement radiators. Installation of water warm floors in private homes. Electrical work. Installation of partial and complete replacement of electric wiring in apartments, homes and offices. Finishing of balconies, loggias lining, plastic panels. Insulation. Staley laminate, linoleum. Installation of interior doors. Device of suspended ceilings type "Armstrong". Shell - the alignment of walls plasterboard as the metal and adhesive. Finishing of bathrooms, pools and kitchens any materials. Line the walls: - plaster, putty. We derive the slopes. Sticky different kinds of Wallpaper. Consultation and delivery of materials. Experience more than 15 years. To obtain additional information or to place an order, please contact us by telephone. Call the master and budgeting for free.

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