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Diablo — now in store GOG.COM

Diablo® III 07.03.2019 at 14:00

December 31, 1996, the adventurers of the different countries for the first time discovered a dark and unwelcoming world of sanctuary. The heroes have cleared out the catacombs of the Cathedral of Tristram to fight the Lord of Terror, and their adventures were the beginning of the enduring legends in the world of action/RPG. Today, the players again have the opportunity to see the classic Blizzard game that has become a landmark in its genre: electronic copy of Diablo for the first time can be purchased without DRM in the store GOG.COM!

the Game Diablo carefully preserved in its original form, but now it supports high screen resolution and a frame rate of 30 or 60 frames per sec., and also contains a number of changes prepared by the GOG team to enhance compatibility with modern operating systems on the PC. Play in single player mode or with friends, establishing a network connection or directly over IP. Game elements are distributed on the map randomly: explore the halls and corridors, overcome traps, find treasure, fight monsters and move the stairs from one level to another — all the content of the original game recreated in isometric graphical format SVGA.

Ready to find out how it all began? Buy Diablo store GOG.COM for 449 rubles!

Questions and answers

Q: what languages will be presented version of Diablo?

a: sale only Diablo in English.

Q: Where can I go for support on issues related to Diablo?

A: For questions regarding payment, purchase, download, install, update and resolve technical faults, you should contact service directly GOG. For issues related to authorization in contact support Blizzard.

q: Why came just two versions of the game?

On: Game Diablo as presented in the original version that is compatible with the service and the extended version for GOG.

Q: What is the difference between version and GOG?

On the: Original version contains no changes and allows players to play together with

Extended version for GOG contains a number of improvements, including fixes to problems with sound, support for high resolution choice of frame rates and a number of changes to improve compatibility. Please note that the updated version can't connect to and supports communication only on a local network or through peer-to-peer connection.

: do I Need client GOG Galaxy to play in Diablo?

: Client GOG Galaxy offers optimized management methods set games, however, its presence is not necessary to play Diablo.

Q: What are the system requirements of Diablo?

A: a Complete list of system requirements represented on the website GOG.COM.

Q: is it Possible to purchase or to run Diablo using Blizzard applications

a: No, Diablo cannot be bought or downloaded through the app Blizzard

q: Will there be support for Diablo: Hellfire in the service GOG.COM?

A: While we do not plan to release Diablo: Hellfire in GOG.COM.

: do you Plan to distribute Diablo II through GOG.COM?

A: Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, are on sale in the store At the moment we are not ready for any new announcements.

q: will there be in GOG.COM other classic Blizzard game?

a: Yes! Warcraft: Orcs and Humans and Warcraft II will also be available in the shop GOG.COM. Details will be announced soon.