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"It's a Hyundai, what do you want?": Outraged the owner of "Solaris" talked about a fatal problem

MComp 12.03.2019 at 23:21

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According to the blogger, the source of the problem even the experts could not under force when the drive starts to go uncontrolled vibration in the steering wheel.

Obzorschika Alexey Kudinov's interested in this little known lack of Hyundai Solaris, and as it turned out during the analysis – among the absolute most of the "Koreans" category in the period between 2014 and 2017. "Global" this issue, the expert called because it is impossible to identify where it goes, and the consequences of it to predict extremely difficult.

According to the preliminary opinion of the expert, based on the vibration maybe from the power steering, because masters had to deal with the steering column "Solaris." Vibration in the steering wheel and uneven when accelerating Hyundai Solaris starts with a speed of 120 km/h and above, but the dealers problem under warranty to solve it refused, saying that to blame the car owner.

"In the opinion of officials it turned out that this disadvantage supposedly repaired replacement wheels, which I, as a client, and spoiled. Nonsense!" for lack of other options, the owner of the defective "Solaris" had to turn to independent experts. During test drive the driver even showed the vibration is really there, hand on the steering wheel visibly shaking and uncharacteristically shook.

the Driver believes that the manufacturer never intended to have such a strong impact, and his fear was confirmed, the invited specialist. It turned out that the vibration was there because of the load on the lateral axis: "he Appears suddenly, when you first go into a turn at high speed, and to eliminate this not in any way. It's a Hyundai, what do you want!?".

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