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In the Volgograd region improved to provide comprehensive support for families with children

News — Volgograd 13.03.2019 at 18:33

News portal of Volgograd and the Volgograd region

Volgograd oblast takes the all-Russian scientific-practical seminar "Educational and rehabilitation technology for children with autism spectrum disorders". More than 300 specialists, the leading correctional work, as well as representatives of public organizations and government agencies will discuss the implementation of new approaches and effective practices in support of families with special children.

"In the Volgograd region has accumulated extensive experience in comprehensive support of families, which brought special children. Best practices have repeatedly been presented and received a positive assessment at the Federal level. This result was achieved thanks to a system of multi-Agency work involving the education Committee, social protection Committee, health Committee, active participation in the dialogue takes the parent community. The main task is to adapt the child to adulthood, to arrange facilities for quality education", – noted the Deputy Governor of the Volgograd region Zina Mirzoeva, stressing that this work is carried out in the framework of the national project, where the support to families with children identified by the Governor as one of the priorities.

Presentation site scientific and practical conference will work in two days: they will open on the basis of educational institutions and social agencies of the city and region. Your achievements and technologies will also present two of the resource center for the integrated support of children with autism spectrum disorders – the Volgograd school-boarding school №5 and the regional rehabilitation center for disabled children "Hope". The center uses a multidisciplinary counseling. Interdisciplinary teams, which include doctors, teachers, specialists in complex rehabilitation, first comprehensively examined the child, and then prepare an individual recovery plan.

In the boarding school No. 5 organized a special correctional-developing space. Educational process is conducted by highly qualified specialists – teachers-speech therapists, teachers, speech pathologists, psychologists, Tutors. They can provide individual remedial assistance, to conduct psychological, medical and pedagogical examination. Great attention is paid to equipment: in buildings equipped sensory room and a diagnostic room, allowing to psychological support, as well as to assess the dynamics of child development.

In the Volgograd region of support of motherhood and childhood is one of the priority directions of long-term development strategy of the region. In 2019 due to changes made by the Governor Andrei Bocharov in the social code of the region, additional assistance could receive about one million people, including families with children. On March 4 the head of the region proposed to introduce additional measures to support large families, in particular, to increase 1.5 times of compensation for utility services and to provide additional assistance in calculating transport tax.

Note, this year the Volgograd region is actively involved in the implementation of national and regional priority projects, much attention is paid to the social sphere, the creation of spaces for education and child development. Comprehensive work includes the construction of kindergartens, schools, the modernization of educational institutions, installation of new equipment. Key development projects that will be implemented in the next five years, the Governor Andrei Bocharov introduced a 25 February meeting of the Volgograd region administration.

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