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Why I don't use Uber

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow 14.03.2019 at 08:00

Eugene, your 1, 000 bonus burn get creative with baby airlines tomorrow

In 2015, Uber in Moscow were given a free ride (worth up to 500 rubles) for each new customer you refer. I decided to participate in the freebies and repeatedly publish their promo code.

at the very least, I earned 1080 free trips. That is, brought Clean 1080 new customers.

at First all went smoothly, but in November, Uber has decided that it is time to start to merge with the topic. I received the latest letter, which still was given my earned trips - it was a letter 588.

And then Uber started sending new letters without details.

And then the fun began. Gradually details began to melt and in the application itself, which previously were shown how many free trips are. Then 500 rubles began to turn into 300, then 100. Then any mention of the free trips are gone. And then abruptly lost all the rest of the trip. I skated 401 trip, part spoiled (there is a three month limit to use). I think that travel two or three hundred Uber I have podspider.

So the credibility will be Removed I have no. So I ride exclusively on Yandex, Goethe and Citimobile.

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