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Overview: world markets trade hope for the world and worried about Brexit, the Euro enjoyed the dollar weakness

Forex Club 13.03.2019 at 16:25

On the global financial markets on Wednesday, March 13 observed a positive mood.

Investors assess the statements of US trade representative Robert Lighthizer on the final stage of trade negotiations, which for several weeks can be completed the final trade agreement between the US and China.

At the same time, the issue of Brexit remains a deterrent to the growth of stock markets. The British Parliament on Wednesday will vote the issue of withdrawal from the EU without agreements. The deputies again disagreed with the candidate for Prime Minister Theresa may agreement with the EU Brexit. Withdrawal from the EU without agreements can be a factor of the deceleration of the world economy.

However, US stocks ahead of U.S. jobs data increased by 0.7% to 0.9%.

Western European stock market indices the evening also grew, by 0.2% and 0.8%..

Regional markets play in macroeconomic positive. Eurostat has estimated the growth of industrial production in Eurozone in January is 1.4% on a monthly basis, the annual decline was 1.1%.

Experts predicted, respectively, a rise of 1% and a decline of 2.1 percent.

the Euro against the dollar in the evening continued to cling round the level of 1.13. Amid falling inflation and weak data on the labor market, the fed is likely to remain on next week's loose monetary policy (DCT). Waiting soft rhetoric of the financial regulator in relation to the predictions (DCT) is putting pressure on the dollar on the forex.

To 19.06 GMT, the Euro rose relative to the previous fixing by 0.2 percent, hovering around 1,1314 dollar.

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