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Google stopped "strangling the goose": DuckDuckGo is included in the list of default search engines on Chrome for 60 countries

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We Have a definitely good news: the search giant Google apparently has changed its strategy regarding competitor DuckDuckGo. The company has included "duck" in the list of search engines by default, Chrome for 60 different regions. The update comes with version 73 Chromium.

In this case, the engineers at Google claim that no "trick" in their actions there — they just updated the lists according to previously collected data about the user's preferences. therefore, the company recognizes that the popularity of DuckDuckGo grew up and became noticeable to make such adjustments. The list of countries that have received DuckDuckGo out of the box are very diverse: from Costa Rico and Honduras, to Canada, UK and even India. By the way, for the Russian Federation the list remains the same: Google, Bing, Yandex,

the actual list of search engines that are available by default in Chromium and, consequently, in Chrome, can be found on this GitHub page.

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