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Blizzard presented a Supplement "the Wages of shadows" for Hearthstone the latest news on games. 15.03.2019 at 11:42 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Studio Blizzard Entertainment has announced a new addition to Heathstone, dubbed "the Wages of shadows." We are waiting for the 135 cards, new mechanics and a different approach to story narration. "The wages of shadows" debuts April 9 on PC and mobile devices running iOS and Android. The developers will tell the story of the return of the "greatest villains Hearthstone" under the guidance of a supervillain Rapala. A gang called "League of EVIL" has developed a plan that will allow to surround themselves with glory.

Innovations: Henchmen: small 1/1 creatures that on the playing field have a strong effect. In your hand they appear to use the cards, EVIL, Machinations, spells, the strength of which grows with each move while in hand; the Familiar mechanics: spells familiar from past additions; a Doublet: the spell creates a copy of it; the Defenders of Dalaran: creature-artisans. The release of the new additions coincide with another year in the game – year of the Dragon. Details read on the official page. Open pre-order: 50 sets cards "the Wages of shadows", shirt Treasure Lazul" and a random legendary card from "the Wages of shadows" - 2 799 rubles 80 sets of cards, "the Wages of shadows", the hero the villain-priest Madame Lazul, shirt card "Treasure Lazul" and random Golden legendary card from "the Wages of shadows" - 4 399 rubles