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Paid surveys. Is it worth it to work for them?

Serega's blog Goncharova 10.03.2019 at 12:55

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


Today I want to tell you about the phenomenon online as paid surveys. And also to raise issues. How much they can earn? And whether it is worth spending your time on them.

Cash here pay for completing the questionnaires. Time spent, about 20-30 minutes. The alert that you available the application form comes in the mail.

How much can you earn on this?

all questionnaires in different ways. They differ in price, and the number of questionnaires, there are generally points (the points can be spent on the site by buying something cool). But back to the earnings. The minimum price for a survey of only 30 rubles. Well, as you thought. Millions for such nobody is paying. Accordingly, the earnings are not very large. Besides the questionnaire appear only once in 3 days. This is the best.

is it Worth spending time on it?

as Anyone. At least million here, not earn. But additional earnings can come. It's also not very Intrusive. From it not tired. All you need is often to check the mail. So as is often the case that the limit of passing the questionnaire ends. You simply do not have time to go through it.

From your experience, can you give some tips on how to work on the questionnaire.

Complete a profile questionnaire. Passing in a profile questionnaire question, "do you or someone in your family in the following areas of services". The answer is not in one of. Or whatever you write. Even if you are, answer no. Otherwise, the form you sent will not. Do not lie, when answering the questionnaire. If your profiles do not match the answers. Will again be sent less questionnaires. Check the mail every day. If you are interested in the earnings, we check the mail every day. The next day, the questionnaire may not be available. Invite referrals. Don't forget this is your additional passive income. The more the better.

but in the end, I want to give you verified sites with paid surveys. Who work not the first year, and are good for recommending.

Anketka Iberia system GlobalTestMarket Expert Opinion Myiyo Memnonia Mr Survey Minoritypoll ThePanelStation

Yes, it is my duty to warn you. Often, the questionnaires are disguised crooks.

For completing 1 survey, offered the fabulous sum, of 70,000 for a single survey. This just does not happen, and pay of course no one is going. This is now, goes to Youtube, Vk, Instagram.

All this is done in order to earn on you and your greed. The point is, you will be asked a few easy questions on the knowledge of the brand brand. After that, you'll see a notification that you have successfully passed the test and the amount you need for reckoning. Just one thing. You must put 200 rubles for account verification. Do not get fooled. This is a Scam.

Still, there are proposals to write code from the back of the card, three digits, like 123. Also not worth writing. If you write, don't be surprised that ripped off the money.

Well, that's all.

good Luck to you on the Internet. Wish you don't be a sucker

Thank you for your attention!

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