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The cryptocurrency. What is it? How can you earn money?

Serega's blog Goncharova 11.03.2019 at 18:22

All about creating sites, their promotion and about earnings in the Internet


the subject of the article. What is cryptocurrency and how it to make?

and I have been already dealing with this topic. And I can assure you, I knew about bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, even before it became mainstream. When I was first acquainted with digital currencies, bitcoin was worth only 12,000 rubles. Litecoin and dogecoin was worth even a penny. So this is my theme.

in Short boasted and right. Now down to business.

What is cryptocurrency?

To a simple question. On many sites, if not all, write very complicated and confusing explanation. Apparently after the bitcoin became popular.

All you need to know. Cryptocurrency is electronic money, a kind of currency, it does not belong to the world.

And now to the sweet. How it to make?

Earn crypto-currency is possible in 3 ways:

the Cranes. You need to register on the website to collect cryptocurrency (any) and pass the captcha. Captcha once per hour, in half an hour, in 10 minutes, all in different ways. The cranes also include sites which pay for the pastime, and those that are paying for the view and casting videos. Earnings here are not very big, if you work alone. Therefore, referrals to help you. Mining. Mining cryptocurrency. This is serious. You can rent capacity on a special website. It is a kind of investment, I want to say is not very stable. It is possible for the scammers to run. If you do decide to invest, is to invest in my mining farm. Here only you are responsible for your earnings. You do purchase equipment , write or order a script, and mining. There is a third option. You can download the script to your computer. Mining is done with the help of the graphics card. But that's a lot on a weak computer, you are not mining, besides you can ditch the computer. Purchase. It would be ideal for buy bitcoins 6 years ago. But not only bitcoin can buy. You can buy the cryptocurrency, which only accelerates. In a year it will cost more. Don't take this as a call to action. It is just an option.

I Think I briefly explained. Next will be a new article. They will be more informative, and aimed at the earnings. This is a very broad topic. Since, at this point, there are already more than 30 types of cryptocurrency. Each has its own advantages and the earning potential.

And that's it.

Thank you for your attention!