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Overview of the situation on the Forex market on 13.03.2019

Portal Forex trader 12.03.2019 at 21:23

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Hello. Below view on a few interesting points to trade in the Forex market on 13.03.2019


On the EURUSD price returned to the level 1,13000. Price Action patterns are not yet formed. But I want to see a bounce and then the development of the down trend, and not return to the outset. Look here for sales, if there are signals inside a day.


On USDCHF continue to move at the resistance level of 1,01000 within the mother candle pattern inside bar. Far beyond the level could not go. But I want to see another effort breakdown after correction. The number of sellers in the statistics of transactions is very conducive to continued growth.

the Fundamental news of the ATP Shanghai Composite + 1.1%, the Shenzhen Composite index + of 1.68%, the Hang Seng Index + 1,46% KOSPI + 0,89% Nikkei 225 + 1,79% S&P/ASX 200 to 0.09%

on Tuesday, the growth of Asian stock indices was due to "night arrangements" on the Irish border between the heads of the European Commission and the UK government, and the rise of the technology sector in the United States.

outsider trading was the new Zealand dollar fell after the data on housing loans and business confidence worse than forecast by analysts.

Today in the morning investors play back the results of voting on Brakcet and news for:

the consumer sentiment Index Australia Index of business activity in the services sector of Japan, the US NASDAQ +0.44 percent, the S&P 500 +0.3% and the Dow Jones and 0.38%

American investors continued to buy shares, despite weak data on consumer price indices, which grew worse than the preliminary forecasts. Indicators give hope for a "dovish rhetoric" of the fed's meeting next week.

the outsiders were falling Dow Jones index pull the bottom of the Boeing shares lower on the bounce from the operation of the aircraft, after the crash in Ethiopia.

the Basic unit of news from the US will be released in 15-30

Orders for durable goods (durable), producer price index

In the 17-30 will be published data on commercial and state stocks of oil, but traders are closely watching the decline in production volumes in Venezuela, where the sixth day is not resolved accident, obestochivaete 60% of the country.

the Eurozone the DAX and 0.13% CAC40 + 0,08% FTSE + 0,29%

the Main news for European investors was Brakcet, which ensured the growth indices, despite the late end of the session of the British Parliament – the voting results were published on the closing of the courses.

the Prime Minister Theresa may in the British Parliament

Plan Theresa may rejected and today will be the second meeting of the deputies, which will decide on "hard output", without condition or appeal to the EU for renewing Brakcet.

the outsiders of the yesterday's session was the German stock market because of the potential loss of business following the decisions of the European Parliament to exclude Russia as a strategic partner. Members of the EU insist on stopping construction of the pipeline "Nord Stream-2".

On the European session, investors are waiting for news:

11-00 – consumer price Index of Spain 13-00 – the Volume of industrial production in the Eurozone 15-30 – Interim forecast of the UK budget

regards, Artem aka TeaDrinker

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