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Learn from others ' mistakes themes of the day 11.03.2019 at 21:04

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How to open a broker account the best way? We offer the top 10 best practices that will help to create close to a perfect user experience when opening a brokerage account.

mobile makes investing more affordable for the mass customer by simplifying all of the scenarios meet the investment objectives: the opening of a brokerage or individual investment accounts, the choice of investment strategy, buying and selling of currency and securities, transfer of funds between investment accounts instead of debit cards. The first user experience around basic transactions that customers make on the exchange, changed the services Tinkoff Bank and BCS. In response to this simplification there arose a great demand from customers, and the market appeared a lot of followers Tinkoff Bank and BCS: Sberbank, VTB, OTKRITIE, QIWI, MTS, "MegaFon" and others.

All data were collected in the framework of the action research mobile applications and desktop services for investment Markswebb Invest Tech Review 2019, which will be published in late March. For the review were selected five services that give you the opportunity to invest in the stock market, have the most advanced functionality and allow you to open a brokerage account online. It "Tinkoff Investment", "Investor Sberbank and VTB My investment", "Opening Broker" and "BCS My broker".

1. Fill in all the information about the client

If the service provider is a Bank and brokerage account opens the current client, to simplify his task is simple: the Bank already has almost all the necessary information and can fill a large part of the application. It is on this principle was organized to open a remote account in the services of "Tinkoff Investment", "Investor Sberbank" and "VTB My investments".

the task of the Bank is to give the client an opportunity to check and confirm all the data, choose the key parameters of the product, to learn basic terms of service and confirm the application. In fact, the only information that the customer enters manually is a one-time SMS-password.

2. To simplify the input of any information

If the company is remotely opens brokerage accounts for new customers, of which there is no data, the user experience can be improved by simplifying the input of information that the client needs to report. The most obvious way of optimization is to recognize photos and scans of documents that the client does not need to manually enter data, and upload data from public registers. For example, in the beginning of the process the customer enters and confirms the phone number, then downloads the scanned copies of passports, and the system pulls all the data, including the name of the Room was unloaded from the database, FTS on passport.

as an example, the services "OTKRITIE Broker" and "BCS My broker": to open a brokerage account, you can remotely, with no products and the contractual relationship with the Bank "Opening" and financial group "BCS". In the "BCS Broker" process is organized conveniently for the customer: need to send a passport photo (upload from your device or take photo), wait 5-7 minutes, or until the system recognizes all the data, confirm the correctness of the information and to sign SMS-password statement at the opening of the account.

3. To reduce the number of documents to one

the Perfect solution to the issue with signing the document — reducing their numbers to one agreement on the integrated service, the text of which appears on the screen of the mobile device and scroll in a few scrolls. Now this solution is only implemented in the application "BCS".

the First thing to do on the way to solving this problem is to eliminate entities such as "application" and "application form", which must be separately downloaded, read and sign. Now this scheme is implemented in the app is the "OTKRITIE Broker": after filling the application the client needs to download and sign the questionnaire of a natural person, the application for service and statement of accession.

4. Report the status of the account registration

After signing the documents and sending the application, it is important to clearly demonstrate to the client that he had done all that was required of him, but to fully use the account, he still can not because the account is still registered on the stock exchange. Future client it is important to understand at least approximate terms of expectations and next steps. Now this practice is not very common in the market, with most services restricted to formal notification.

all changes of the status of the application to better inform several ways: TEXT message, e-mail and notification in the interface of the app along with push notifications. Meanwhile, the majority of services on the market use a single notification channel to notify the client about the status of your application or register for an account.

5. To fill pause

the waiting Time of account registration on the exchange you can complete familiarity with the service: for example, offer the client to examine the interface of the application using guest access ("BCS"), or show instructional videos (the"OTKRITIE Broker").

"VTB My investments" also helps the client to understand the basics of investing and the features of the service, but does not do it at the right time: immediately after pressing the button "Open online" and before the client proceeds to fill out the application. Much more logical would be to do it later when the client is waiting for verification of documents, not detract from it in the process of opening an account.

6. To report the duration of delay

Many customers, especially if we are talking about newcomers, I can't imagine how much time can it take to check the documents and register the account. "VTB My investment", "Opening Broker" and "Tinkoff Investments" do not inform the customer about the duration of the wait, while registration of account on the market in fact is little more than one day.

"Sberbank Investor" and "BCS" indicate the exact date — two working days, whereas in fact the registration of the account on the market through the app "Sberbank Investor" took 4.5 hours, and using "BCS" — 20 hours.

7. To inform the client about the terms of future maintenance

by Signing the brokerage contract, the client definitely needs to know on what terms it will be, and ideally be able to choose from several payment. In fact the choice of the terms of service when opening the account is only implemented in the application "Opening Broker". In "VTB My investment" rate is assigned without the ability to change it, and "Tinkoff Investments", "BCS" and "Sberbank Investor" does not inform the client about how you will be charged operations in the application.

8. To sign the Treaty without downloading

Best practices in the market — signing of a contract for remote account opening application "BCS". The text of the agreement is not required to download it immediately visible on the device screen (in two parts requires one swipe to switch from the first to the second page).

the Most uncomfortable for a client implementation when forming a package of several documents, each of which you need to download to view and then sign a one-time password from SMS.

9. To adapt the interface to different screens and types of devices

Technical parameters of the device should not affect the quality of the user experience in the app. Customers can open an account with smartphones or tablets with different screen sizes, and regardless of the technical parameters of the device, the process should be gradual and not cause discomfort.

10. To follow the logic of the process

● do Not request several times the same data, especially if in manual input, the client must send a photo or scan of the document whose data you just provided.

● do Not offer the same thing several times. For example, if a customer once refused to open an investment account, it is not necessary several times to offer it in the future.

● If we need to switch to mobile banking, it needs to be seamless. And not to the home page and specific section where the client should perform an action.

One of the variants of optimization of the account opening process could be the use of the chat interface when the process is constructed as a conversation in messenger. Now this solution is not implemented in any of the investment services, but works in the application of large technology companies — like registration in the main car sharing services.

Ivan GRIGORKIN, expert Markswebb for online Bank services small businesses,