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The investor or landlord: who lives comfortably in retirement? themes of the day 17.03.2019 at 21:06

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The Main sources of additional income of Russian pensioners is wages, Bank deposits and rental apartments.

Large Russian Bank conducted a study and found out what sources of income in addition to pensions, there are pensioners. First and foremost, wages, bonuses, premiums (22%), followed by interest on Bank deposits and accounts (20%), in third place the income from the rental property for rent (11%). Pensioners talked about the help of relatives, friends, relatives (10%), called income from business (7%), allowances from the state (5%), investment income (2%).

half a million on pensioner

banks say that pensioners are the largest group of depositors, and the average size of contribution from retired citizens is 500 thousand rubles. "The trend in the Deposit market is the growing activity of investors-pensioners (over 55-60%). Generation, accustomed to save, continues to accumulate. Thus, the contribution "Pension" was chosen by 48% of the depositors of the Bank", — told in the press service of the Bank "Russian Standard".

In the Moscow Credit Bank said that the share of depositors-pensioners is about 60%. "The proportion of investors in the retirement age in the client flow is stable and is about 60%. For this reason, we in October 2018 has introduced a special product for pensioners — the contribution of the "Grand". The average amount of this contribution — 520 thousand rubles. Income depends on the amount and term of placement and, if the contribution is large enough, can reach up to 50 thousand rubles", — said the Director of Department of retail products ICD Alexei Korsin.

Singles real estate

Analysts of the Centre for integrated studies, social policy, HSE believe that almost the only available way of earning for retirees — existing property. And it is typical for single pensioners. According to monitoring data of RLMS-HSE, they are better provided with housing than seniors living with family.

"According to statistics, about 70% of elderly people living alone have personal property in more than one room, or about 28-31 sq meters of living space. While family pensioners on average have no more than 12 to 18 square meters per person. Mostly just single people of retirement age can potentially use the free meters of their property for commercial purposes", — stated in the study "Housing resource as an additional source of income for pensioners".

"is the Most popular among retirees a way to earn on rent — to rent room in apartment inhabited by themselves. Within the old borders of Moscow every second landlord of the room in your space — the pensioner", — said the Deputy Director of Department of rent of apartments the company "INKOM-real Estate" Oksana Polyakova.


According to Polyakova, those who are in dire need of additional income, but is only a Studio apartment, try to rent it for the summer (in the meantime go to the country or to relatives). "The experience of last year, 55% of the "vacation" summer renters of city apartments are pensioners," she says. As for year-round rental, about 30-35% of handing over the whole of the apartment — the older generation. "And it's not just the owners of the additional units in the asset (crown for example): some moved for permanent residence to children or relatives, some come together — live in one apartment and rent out the other," adds Polyakov.

Seniors choose IMS

there is a Growing interest of pensioners and investment products, says Director of client marketing "BCS Premier" Maxim Puzyrev.

"the Proportion of clients in the retirement age in the total number of retail customers of FG "BCS" is about 17%, with almost 40% of pensioners open IMS. The interest of pensioners to investment products is increasing. Here are influenced by the same factors as in the case with all other investors: low interest rates on deposits and the search for alternative instruments, the tax incentives from the state, the emergence of convenient online services, improving financial literacy," he says.

According to Puzyreva, pensioners, investors can be divided into two main categories. "The first is those people who have free time, while there are savings and the desire to obtain increased income. This category of people of retirement age trying to understand the issues of investments, monitor market trends and trading. The placed amounts are generally relatively small — 100-150 thousand rubles. A specific example of such client — mathematician, who in retirement wants to use their skills to earn money in the stock market. Another category is business owners or top-managers. Their main goal is preservation of capital, investment amount is 3 million rubles and above. This category of investors use our investment expertise, uses the services of financial advisors. People of retirement age, having a large enough capital, are generally conservative investors, many of them close to the model of the rentier," says bubbles.

"If you make a choice between IIS and the contribution that can open the pensioners, according to risk and receive a certain percentage of profits definitely wins contribution. For pensioners in the Russian Federation there are special short-term deposits for the three and six months and a year, opens at a much higher percentage than that available to citizens of middle age. Retirees can also get additional income by opening IE and running a small business project for which the state also provides incentives — tax UI in this case is only 6% of all income," — says the Deputy Chairman of the Board Loko-Bank Andrey lyushin.

Investing in the stock market would be more effective than Bank deposits, says the head of analytical Department of company "Finist" Katya Frankel. "When people retire, it becomes clear that the pension does not allow to live freely, probably, there is more suitable word "live". So it's worth thinking about how the money worked and brought in income, she advises. — The main directions that will help to keep and increase savings, is the rental lease, Bank Deposit, investing in bonds and stocks. The best could be just the last option. But there's a caveat: in order to properly choose companies for investment, you must examine the accounting data, the underlying fundamentals of the companies".


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