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Orlan 18.03.2019 at 19:18


Age: 12 to 15 years

People are often confused in terms, and why there is confusion in many situations. The difference between a profession and a specialty at first glance seem insignificant, but in conversation it can show ignorance of the speaker, which will be especially bad in the interview with the employer. To understand these concepts is important even for self-determination in life to finally understand what career you need to learn in order to master a particular profession.

the Form of:

In the course of the training will be used in exercises and workshops, video case studies, work in pairs and small groups, mini-lectures, discussions, brainstorming, role and business games.

the purpose of the training: to help focus on the modern labour market, to extend existing ideas about the world of professions, to relate their individual characteristics with the requirements, which makes the interest of their profession, to form their psychological readiness for professional career and the ability to plan.


to provide knowledge required to conduct career-oriented workshops to Introduce the concept of career and the marketing approach to career planning to Teach the objectives and to introduce the 4 stages of career planning and to Familiarize with the specificity of the modern labour market, classifying occupations,the factors affecting the choice of profession the knowledge and skills necessary for planning and professional development, raising the level of competencies required for success in the labor market.

date: from 25 to 27 March 2019.

the Time from 10:00 to 13:00


*protected email*

+993 63 59 62 93

+993 12 21 28 37

+993 63 59 79 95

Ashgabat, St. the Soviet Garashsyzlyk, 90

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