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PHOTOSRED 01 13.03.2019 at 16:47 -


Carnival of Zambo in Tripoli, the Lebanese — happy holiday before the beginning of Greek Orthodox lent. Video on how it goes.

Ibrahim Chalhoub/Getty Images/Scanpix


15-year-old Elena from Kiev, Korzenik — Ukrainian Rapunzel. The length of her hair — 2, 35 m! Experts from the National registry of records of Ukraine recorded the achievement in the category "The longest hair".

Ukrinform/Barcroft Images


Winter road with a length of four kilometers, laid on the ice of the Yenisei river, connects the East and West Bank of the river.

Ilya Naymushin/ REUTERS/Scanpix


Ethiopian religious painting Orthodox icons for Easter.

Eduardo Soteras/Getty Images/Scanpix


In the Belarusian village of Toni celebrate carnival.


a follower of the Japanese syncretic teachings Shugendo participates in Hiwatari festival of walking on hot coals on mount Takao (50 km from Tokyo). The main event of the festival ritual of the monks and hermits of yamabushi: after a common prayer together with the visitors they burn the sticks on which are written the wishes of the people, then go barefoot on hot coals and singing songs. To join them, everyone can, but only after the fire is extinguished and the coals will be warm, so as not to burn. The Japanese believe that fire purifies by burning dirty energy.

Damon Coulter/Barcroft Images/Scanpix


Pyongyang Residents dance in the courtyard of the school on the day of elections to the Supreme people's Assembly of the DPRK. According to summary data of the result of the election across the country, 99.99% of all the voters included in the voter lists participated in the elections and 100% voted for candidates to the Spa registered in the relevant constituencies.

Ed Jones/Getty Images/Shutterstock


the Host of this 22-year-old Arab Mare in Frankfurt am main every day produces her alone for a walk. Everyone knows her around, but just in case the bridle she says: "my name is Jenny, I didn't run away and just walk."

Boris Roessler/Getty Images/Shutterstock


Amazing case on the coast of South Africa. An experienced operator Rainer Schimpf, who shot divers near the whales and dolphins, landed right in the jaws of a whale, which at this point swallowed a bunch of fish. All ended well — the whale just spit out tasteless Rainer. Here he talks about it himself.

Heinz Toperczer/Barcroft Images/Scanpix


During the Chinese festival of "Dragon raises its head" (龍抬頭) decided to cut the hairs that grow back for a month-long ban for a haircut after meeting the lunar New year. Not everybody likes it, as you can see.



NASA has shown off a new technology results in photography of the shock wave (Background-Oriented Schlieren using Celestial Objects), which was developed and patented in the Flight research center Armstrong. The picture shows the sound barrier overcome two aircraft Northrop T-38 Talon.



the participants of the dog show Crufts 2019. Dog show in Birmingham is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the most representative for four days with the participation of more than 28,000 dogs of different breeds, which come see about 160 000 people.

Christopher Bethell


Amazing bird is a Kea — Alpine parrot, living in New Zealand. Are intelligence and curiosity, not afraid of the cold, skillfully uses their beaks to explore backpacks and tents unwary tourists. He was named because of the loud cry: "keee-AA", which is familiar to local residents.

Murdo MacLeod


, in Brazil grasshoppers.

Ueslei Marcelino/Shutterstock


"Concord" Air France to Paris Charles de Gaulle before his last flight on 24 October 2003. This March we are celebrating 50 years since the first flight of this legendary supersonic airliner.


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