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Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Model Y 15.03.2019 at 06:09 -

Tesla has officially unveiled the mid-size crossover Model Y. This is the fifth car in the lineup of the company Ilona Mask. The new crossover can accommodate 7 adult passengers and will be available in four versions. In the Performance version, the car can travel without recharging more than 480 km and takes 3.5 seconds to reach speeds of 96 km/h. Maximum speed of vehicles will be between 193 km/h up to 241 km/h.

According to the Mask machine "has a functional SUV, but drives like a sports car". The new car can already be ordered on the website of the manufacturer, by making a Deposit of $2500. The price of the standard version is $39 000.

Photo: Tesla

crossover Tesla Y panoramic glass roof with UV and IR protection, 12-way adjustment front and rear seats heated, premium audio (14 speakers, 1 woofer, 2 amplifier), 15 inch monitor, led fog lights, 4 USB ports and a docking station for two smart phones.

Photo: Photo Tesla: Tesla

Tesla promises to begin delivery of top configuration Model Y fall of next year, and the base — spring 2021.

Photo: Tesla Photo: Tesla