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Sunday in Prague 17.03.2019 at 19:50 -

Today it was Sunny and warm, so we went to open a season-long road on the Petřín hill — the "big ring", as we call it. It turns out about nine kilometers through the Park on the hill and the city. The trees are only just waking up, the branches timidly throw out the first ovary bright green leaves. Part of the garden on the slope, that whole day facing the sun has blossomed and around pink flowers is incessant bee W-W-W. It will take another two to three weeks and the city will be hidden from the viewer on the hill behind fresh foliage, and while it is all visible through the lace of Apple and cherry branches.


02. The branches of the trees as if repeating the form of the Gothic spires of St. Vitus Cathedral.


04. IDA first saw the frog, who was sitting in the grass by the pond, and was quite puzzled.

05. What is it?

06. Bee W-W-W is here.


08. This Apple orchard on the hill. At the end of summer here, all covered with delicious apples for everyone. In Prague a lot of these public places where you can pick apples, cherries, cherries.



11. Střelecký island.

12. The white building on Kampa Museum of modern art (Museum Kampa).

13. The views of the national theatre with musketeer Islands


video: Rustem Adagamov