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Overview: the global markets have relied on the OST of the fed, the Euro has dipped down

Forex Club 21.03.2019 at 16:21

On the world financial markets on Thursday Mar 21 dominated by positive dynamics of stock indices.

American investors have positively estimated weekly data on the US labor market. Thus, the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits in the country for the week ended March 16, decreased by 9 thousand to 221 thousand. Analysts had expected the indicator at the level of 226 thousand.

this data can force experts to doubt the forecasts of the fed, which had increased in 2019 unemployment rate to 3.7% from the level of the December forecast 3.5%. In 2020, the us financial regulator expects the figure at around 3.8 per cent against previous estimates of 3.6%.

On this background, US stocks in August rose 0.8–1%.

Western European stock indices mainly in the evening also grew, by 0.2–1%.

the Regional markets, in addition to the "softness" of the fed in the issue of monetary policy (DCT), won back the news on Brexit. On March 21-22, will host the EU summit which will discuss the theme of postponement of a British exit from the EU. The British Parliament adopted a resolution on the possible transfer of the term Brexit from 29 March to 30 June. To do this, this week the house of Commons of great Britain must approve the conditions of exit from the EU, proposed by the Prime Minister of great Britain Teresa may.

the Bank of England is expected on Wednesday adopted the decision to maintain the benchmark interest rate at 0.75% per annum. Also expect the regulator confirmed the assets purchase from the market in the amount of 435 billion pounds.

the Euro against the dollar in the evening continues to be adjusted and almost slipped up to 1,135 after a recent jump of about 1 cent to this level of "softness" DKP fed. To 19.10 GMT, the Euro was down against the previous fixing almost 0.6% to the level of 1,1357 dollar.

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