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Latin American investors are watching perspectve the conclusion of a trade agreement between the U.S. and China

Forex Club 22.03.2019 at 07:47

Latin American markets along with other investors from around the world waiting for news regarding the resolution of trade conflict between the US and China. Cause for concern in the market were rumors that the President of the United States Donald trump insists on the increase in China's purchases of American goods two to three times compared to the previous range of Beijing on additional imports by 1.2 trillion dollars over six years.

At the end of March, us trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin will visit China, where will be held the next round of trade negotiations. Perhaps as a result of this meeting the parties closer to signing a final trade agreement.

Within the region, the market participants ' attention is directed to Venezuela. According to the US, Venezuelan oil supplies to the country dropped to zero after the imposition of economic sanctions against the Venezuelan oil and gas sector. Also, it is still not known, give the international monetary Fund Venezuela previously promised financial assistance.

support from the IMF and Argentina is waiting for. The parties have reached an agreement, under which the country will receive a tranche of 10.87 billion.

Mexico plans to cut oil exports in 2019 40% due to plans to increase the processing of "black gold" in the country.

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