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Plantronics and Polycom announce the restart and rebranding of the company retail and distribution 18.03.2019 at 19:07

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Plantronics Today announced its transformation into new technological company Poly (NYSE: PLT), whose main goal is to simplify, enhance and improve the opportunities for remote communication and collaboration, in order to make communications between people located in different places, as natural and simple as in person.

Poly (meaning "many"), will use deep expertise in audio and video companies Plantronics and Polycom and their wide range of smart solutions and services, interconnected, and unified communications platforms. This will help to simplify communication, reduce distractions and make imperceptible distance for employees working from different locations. The purpose of Poly is to become the natural choice wherever you are, wherever a man may want to get in touch.

Poly focuses on 4 areas of innovation:

the Establishment is convenient for all workspaces. Modern open plan offices there are a lot of distractions and sounds that leads to a decrease in the productivity and mood of employees. Poly offers solutions which help to significantly reduce background noise, as well as technologies that make small meeting rooms such as multifunctional, comfortable and reliable as meeting rooms. Giving people the opportunity to work together as they see fit. Today, many companies simultaneously use multiple solutions to work together, and they need terminals that can work with all of them. Poly offers a wide range of products to meet any need. Development of mobile solutions for remote work. No matter whether employees use a personal smartphone for work or constantly switch between personal and work life during the day, they need audio and video solutions that will be as mobile as they are. Mobile telephone station Elara 60, recently announced Poly recognizes this new norm and, together with award-winning mobile headsets, the company helps employees stay comfortable and productive to work from anywhere in the world. The development of cloud services that help it professionals and users to get the most from their devices. The trend of the empowerment of end users continues to grow, it professionals increasingly difficult to keep track of which solutions and devices and where used. Poly will focus on how to allow users to use the device, and it professionals to conveniently manage them.

At the conference Enterprise Connect 2019, the company Poly will present new products and services that reflect its vision. Visitors to the stand Poly (#713) will get a chance to meet with management to learn more about the new company and its latest solutions, including:

Polycom Studio is an easy — to-use solution that turns a small conference halls in these centres for remote collaboration and working with services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype for Business, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, or Amazon Chime Elara 60 Series mobile phone station designed for the growing number of people working in constant motion, which allows you to easily connect and work with Microsoft Teams. Eagle Eye Cube camera for video conferencing with a 4K sensor for crystal clear images, and has a rich sound that helps to bring the quality of meetings in a small peregovorah to a whole new level. Eagle Eye Cube allows you to work with many existing solutions, including Polycom, VisualPro and Group Series. Blackwire 7225, intuitive UC headset with a stylish but understated design and active noise reduction allows you to focus on work, listen to music and get excellent call quality when connected to calls from a PC or Mac. Plantronics Status Indicator, a solution that runs in the background on the desktop that connects to any communication platform, to make known to the employees to understand whether the user is available, on a call or away from my Desk. It is equipped with visual and audible notifications for messages and calls. Plantronics headsets and Polycom phones provide users with enhanced functionality, allowing you to easily change the base and other features of the headset directly through the touch screen interface of a desktop phone without the need of a PC connection. The latest version of Plantronics Manager Pro v3.13, with which it professionals will learn what devices they have, which of them work and get information about what to do in case any of them is faulty. PDMS-E now supports and manages Polycom Studio, and also added API functions, to improve the management and control of large departments.

Poly offers its partners and users to share what communications technologies they would like to see at the exhibition, Enterprise Connect and the Poly social networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

More information about the company and its Poly technologies you can learn by visiting