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City Of Russia. Who is the main writer of Feng Shui? :.: Article 19.03.2019 at 21:00 :.: Article

Local historians claim that Shuya has always been, and besides — the main city of the Ivanovo region. If about "was always" you can argue, something about the "main town" debate is irrelevant — not so long ago was the village of Ivanovo in the composition of the Shuya district, and it is in Shuya is the tallest tower in the whole region. Yes there are. If you count the spire is the second tallest bell tower of Russia! Merchants-Soane wanted to make it even higher, but the king found out about this — someone reported! — sent a note that if the bell tower in Shuya will at least slightly exceed the height of the Ivan the Great bell tower in the Moscow Kremlin, the city survives. Soane was wise... of Course, history is insulting. The first written mention of their town, which concluded the age of Feng Shui, dated 1539 year. But what is written there? Resurrection Cathedral in Suepoco: "During the RAID of the Crimean Tatars burned the city of Shuya..." That is the castle was already! But suaram there is something to be proud of their ancient city was ranked 3rd in the country in the number of commemorative plaques dedicated to one person. What? View of the old Soviet film "Comrade Arseny", some scenes of which were filmed here. And the film based on the novel born of Feng Shui, the writer Arkady Vasiliev, father of the famous Darya Dontsova... Constantine, Belmonte: But the main writer of Feng Shui is, of course, the poet Balmont — he's in town, there is a very interesting Museum. How beautiful the chest is kept there! I wonder what's inside this box and why is he always closed? Most likely, there is air XVIII century... But curious all the shuiskys museums: the Museum of soap with a fascinating history (a piece of soap there is even the emblem of the city!), the Museum by name of "comrade Arseny" huge, the biggest in Russia collection of "vessels of secrets", and state wine warehouse No. 3. Shuiskys tincture is great, but... don't get carried away, we got in Palekh, home of the firebirds! Culture, Palagetto: Palekh — amazing. Someone up there, many years ago pointed out this place, lost among the impenetrable forests and swamps, and said: "there will be live artists...". How else to explain where the Palekh village, where every tenth resident artist? About Palekh it is impossible to write, you need to visit Palekh, Palekh need to look at the Palekh need to wander, visiting all the museums, and then... And then, maybe, you will solve this eternal riddle, as Palekh masters are able to throw on a black background, all these gold painted tales, a vivid epic, a marvelous folk tunes... Poetry and music in colors — it's about Palekh... aerial view of the city of Ivanovo, near the circus and the Big manufacturedate: And Ivanovo, the main city of the region... the Town of calico and the revolution, brides and textile the city houses that have names, and most underrated city of the Golden Ring of Russia. After Palekh silence after the comfort Shui to plunge into constructivist industrial architecture — very unusual! is the perfect ending to a two-day experience of the Ivanovo area. You here again will definitely be back! After all Ivanovo oblast is ples, and Tsvetaeva, and Levitan, village, and "Noble side" and hospitable town of Yuzha... ...

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