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Anthem – new goldmine of Electronic Arts. Apex Legends earned $92 million the latest news on games. 22.03.2019 at 11:10 ( - all about the world of computer games.

Marketing Agency SuperData Research has published information about digital sales in February. In addition to the success in physical sales in the US, Anthem has shown excellent results in the "figure". It reported revenue of $100 million in February. The new game Bioware were able to bypass FIFA only 19 and Fortnite. In-app purchases brought in about $3.5 million. Apex Legends also have a great result and the best start in the history of shareware games. According to analysts ' estimates, in February, "battle Royale" brought in around $92 million. Recall that we are talking about the game, the marketing of which was not spent resources. However, there are unconfirmed rumors about the purchase of a number of popular streamers, including the Ninja, but even if true, they are not comparable to full-fledged advertising campaign big game. The digital market in February brought $8.2 billion, which is 2% higher than over the same period last year.