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The gift of no use — waste of money

Zadolba!whether 21.03.2019 at 11:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

I wonder what thoughts are swarming in the mind of some people choosing gifts for the birthday, but doesn't know much about the Hobbies of the birthday boy? Have adequate is to ask about what you would want man. Well, or to give something universal, noncommittal.

But, as life shows, people are not always thinking straight when choosing a gift.

In recent years, I have formed a private top bad gifts.

Certificates. And well, if it's in a store where you can go and choose something else. Although often that "something" need to pay extra on top for the amount stated in the certificate store nothing I need. But there are still certificates for services, and they as a gift unrealistic enrage.

last year a friend gave me a certificate for a visit to the Solarium, presenting him with the words "at least go rest, and then you over the summer and not tanned some really". Yeah, thank you. This is considering the fact that I strongly avoid the sun, liberally apply sunscreen and try to stay in the shade. Not like to sunbathe, in addition, when coming off the tan on my skin are freckles, often forever. Great gift.

this year the same friend gave me a certificate for cosmetic services. They say, "it's time to devote time to his beloved". But the fact that after several very unsuccessful trips to the beautician in my youth, I'm done once and for all. Don't trust I don't get anyone messing with your face, and masochki and I myself the house can do. Thank you, I will not go.

— the Big soft toy. Where did the myth that girls love soft toys, I'll never know. All girls, without exception, the overage too. A few years ago, on my 25th anniversary I took and dragged the huge (more than me) Teddy bear. Where to go in a small apartment, apparently, the giver is not worried at all. The gift must be bright, carrying emotions, memorable! After a couple of days the dust, stealing square footage, went to live out their lives in the garage as throw kind of pathetic.

the Pets. That is a real break, not going to any comparison with the first two types of gifts. They are something to throw away at least you can, unlike animals. Still puzzled by the gift presented to me several years ago when a friend brought me a puppy of the toy Terrier! Was in shock all who caught this moment. First, the dog, so to speak, obviously not to my taste. Secondly, I basically treat the dog with indifference, preferring seals. And third, my way of life does not imply the presence of a dog: in my spare time I like to sleep until noon, Wake up early in the morning in order for someone to walk I really a burden.

Motivation killed even more: "Children you, apparently, start soon, and so here's your friend, that was not boring. Someone to walk and what house sour".

hmmm. Why would I have to change my comfortable life is measured by the expected "fun?" I may like the house to MOPE! From the dog I politely declined.

this is angry. Comrades! Well, you yourself is not a pity to throw away their money? Yes, I wish you the money eaten than here so it is pointless to waste. But if you make a gift to "fuck off" for show, and you did not wonder what a man lives, so maybe not worth anything to give? Congratulated by phone/SMS in a nutshell, okay.

And even I noticed that, the sillier the gift, the more insistent donors interested in his fate. Still offended then that "the bear is in the garage" and not bathed and combed daily, emblazoned in the middle of the apartment and occupies a place of honor in the bed until I huddle in the chair. I — Avon what does not appreciate.

I do Not understand these people.