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Over Los Angeles flew "maneuvering meteorite"

NEWS PLANET 22.03.2019 at 08:39

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A Couple of days ago, March 20, in the skies over Los Angeles had a strange meteorite, which sowed panic among the population. A strange body was due to the maneuvering that is not peculiar to natural objects.

Alarmed local residents began to call the police: they thought the war began. Police were forced to make a loud statement on television to calm Americans. So, they said that the object in the sky is a special effect organized by the crew of one film.

Seen, indeed, can be regarded as a light show, but why is it talked about the media just a day? Typically, these events cover in 15 minutes. In our case, the long delay has released a video where visible in the frame paratroopers.

Some experts believe that was produced installation videos for the purpose of concealing the real situation. According to them, in the sky flying UFO that smart people quickly presented to the audience as a light show.