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Leasing-2018: new historical records themes of the day 21.03.2019 at 17:18

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Rating Agency RAEX ("RAEKS-Analysis") prepared a study of the leasing market in Russia by the end of 2018. It was first prepared an analysis of the preferences of corporate clients, based on the practice of corporate procurement services leasing. It was possible to understand the real areas of competition, leasing companies and targets potential customers, the authors of the study.

"the Total volume of the leasing market in 2018 exceeded the 1.35 trillion rubles, which was a new historical record — says General Director of rating Agency RAEX Dmitry Grishankov. — The amount of new leasing contracts at the end of last year increased by 38% and reached 1.9 trillion rubles, which allowed the leasing portfolio of the participants of the ranking to reach 3.9 trillion rubles on January 1, 2019. An inhibiting effect on the growth of the market has had no major deals in the fourth quarter of 2018, which accounted for about 24% of the annual volume of new business participants of the ranking".

the Main drivers of market growth were the segments of leasing of railway equipment and leasing. The absence of large deals in the fourth quarter of 2018 resulted in a slowdown in the segment of leasing of railroad facilities compared with the year 2017 — from 111% to 59%. However, the segment grew at a faster pace and the share of railway leasing in the total volume of new business increased by 5.5 percentage points, to 26.3%. A car lease is also among the leaders in the growth of new business participants ranking: leasing of commercial vehicles grew by 19.5%, and passenger — 34.1% (plus 26% by the year 2017, the whole segment).

the Largest retail segment continues to be the leasing. Its share in the total volume of new business of the top 100 leasing companies accounted for nearly 35%. In contrast, 2017, in the segment of car leasing at a faster rate of growth, car leasing (34,1% on comparable data). Thus, the share of trucks in total new business volume in the segment decreased compared to 2017 3 percentage points to 54%. The most significant (from 18.2% to 12.8%) reduced the proportion of aviation leasing, which was due to the absence of large transactions in the second half of 2018.

the State of the company's strengthened dominance in the leasing market. The share of companies with state participation total new business volume participants ranking compared to 2017 increased by 3.6 percentage points to 55.1 per cent. State-owned companies provided more than 80% of total growth in new business participants ranking in the top 10 that included five state-owned companies. The concentration of the top 10 companies in the amount of new contracts in 2018 compared with last year indicator increased from 65% to 73%.

the Most frequently corporate customers the number of state companies and state corporations have been using non-price evaluation criteria, when conducting competitive procurements leasing of equipment, construction and road-building equipment, leasing. While in large transactions (over 1 billion) non-price criteria are used less frequently than in a more competitive medium and small transactions. With the exception of the procurement of leasing of railway equipment, production and special equipment, and aircraft leasing.

the material RAEX also presents a ranking of the top 30 leasing companies in Russia by the end of 2018.

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