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Under — Europe's first underwater restaurant 24.03.2019 at 13:24 -

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

In southern Norway were another attraction not far from the oldest surviving in the country of Lindesnes lighthouse, opened a unique European restaurant, located under water. Designed by the famous Norwegian architectural office Snøhetta, the restaurant was named Under — in the Norwegian language this word means "under something", there is still another meaning "miracle." It really is like a miracle — 34-foot, disappearing into the cold waters of the Strait Skagerack design, looks like a unknown underwater vehicle, thrown by the storm on the rocks.

the Monolithic construction of the restaurant is fully integrated into the marine environment — its shell is made of rough concrete, which will be home to sea snails and algae.

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

the Main decoration of the restaurant is 11-meter high panorama window in underwater world, which, of course, not as diverse as in warmer seas, but there is something to see.

the restaurant will be used as a research center, where through a panoramic window, marine biologists will conduct observations of the life of marine flora and fauna.

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Nicholas Eligor — chef restaurant

In the culinary part of the restaurant focuses on haute cuisine — Haute cuisine. For this purpose was invited the famous chef Nicholas Eligor. In its order of 16 staff with experience in restaurants with Michelin stars and first-class seafood in Norway.

the restaurant Under no menus — the chef recommended dishes and wine list. A pleasure to sit with a view of the underwater world is not cheap — for the proposed set of dishes the restaurant asks 2250 NOK ($274), the wine will cost 1450, - NOK ($170).

Photo: Stian Broch

Built the restaurant is unusual — in a different place, on a floating platform, and then drove the entire design to where it is now.

Photo: Snøhetta Photo: Snøhetta Photo: Snøhetta Photo: Snøhetta


Snøhetta Snøhetta Photo: Ivar Kvaal

And even some nice pictures:

Photo: Ivar Kvaal

Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge Inger Marie Grini/Bo Bedre Norge Photo: Ivar Kvaal Photo: Ivar Kvaal Photo: Ivar Kvaal Photo: Ivar Kvaal

the Website of the restaurant: