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VUZ-Bank has summed up the results of the demand for credit card "120 days without interest" press releases 25.03.2019 at 11:17

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VUZ-Bank has launched a credit card "120 days without interest" in September last year, during this time, the proposal used by 2.5 thousand people.

the"Peak clearance occurred in December, and this is not surprising: it is in anticipation of the holidays the biggest waste. Conveniently, when there is an opportunity to buy gifts for family and friends, using credit limit, and repay the debt without interest until April," — says Larisa Popova, head of Department of development of sales of retail business of JSC "VUZ-Bank".

the Credit card is "120 days with no interest" is not just the money at the right time will always be at hand, but also additional bonuses. So, for any purchases on the card, the Bank charges, cashback 1%.

to Make a card simple: if the credit limit is less than 100 thousand, registration is required only the passport. The average amount of approved credit limit on the card is 58 thousand roubles.

"Limit of 50-60 thousand rubles the most comfortable for our clients. This amount is the optimal "safety cushion" for unforeseen expenses, the debt really need to repay within the grace period," adds Larisa Popova.

the Card is issued free of charge, for a period of three years, and its annual maintenance costs 1 900 rubles, but as soon as the card holder will spend 150 million rubles within a year from the date of registration of the contract, the Bank will return the money for annual maintenance.