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The MDX Awakening the spirit 25.03.2019 at 02:02

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Many people believe that the harm they may cause other damage or sign, but most spasib. But not everyone knows that the evil eye can happen without the involvement of a third party. Anyone can jinx yourself, and such action is called self. This can happen after the negative statements in his address, even in comic form. Or rewarding myself with negative characteristics, for example "I'm a loser", "I'm never lucky", "no money". This can also happen in the moment when you send negative attitudes against other people. Bad and negative messages are returned to sender and disrupt his energy field. Nervous and restless person very often suffer from self.

And it can touch any sphere of existence, appearance or work, health or money, as well as relationships in society. For example, you can say to the sick with the flu "I don't envy you, yourself have not hurt" and in the morning Wake up overwhelmed and with a high temperature. From samohlasen no one is immune. If the aura is negative energy, it triggered a meeting with like. When triggered the self, it is easy to calculate. For example, boasted to his girlfriend about a good event, and the next day got a negative. To protect themselves from the self is possible, but to follow to control your thoughts and speech. Never show off to anyone, do not tell your future plans, speak only when they have already been implemented.

No doubt in their abilities and capabilities. Never be fooled, inventing problems for yourself to get away from work. Example, "I need to go home, sick mother (husband, child)", "let me go, I feel bad" and so on. After that, someone will get sick. And most importantly, learn to manage their emotions, do not rejoice through action and not be sad. All think in a neutral manner.

the Author of Stelena written for channel Yandex Zen

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