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Bamboo and its impact on Feng Shui

The MDX Awakening the spirit 26.03.2019 at 01:33

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Bamboo is a magical plant, because he has a very strong energy field, this plant is a powerful energy conductor. And this fact has long recognized Chinese science, bamboo is used for absorption of negative energy and restores energy flow. It is believed that the bamboo gives the person who is in contact with him, great stamina and creative talent. Bamboo grows very rapidly, in the care he is unpretentious. According to the teachings of Feng Shui bamboo helps a person in all directions. It's kind of a mascot. Bamboo symbolizes good health, growth in your career or studies, it will help to improve the material well-being.

Growing bamboo means a stepwise improvement of life, because every new branch of bamboo grows more than the previous one. Bamboo is an excellent protector of the home from negative energy. And if the plant develops and grows in your home, your secret desires will come true quickly, how to grow bamboo. Twisted and unusual shape of spiral bamboo will decorate any interior. It can develop and grow in water and soil, will live in the hydrogel. An important factor that you need to follow always the water quality. In the same pot or other receptacle can be planted a few stems of a plant. Two stalks represent love and marriage.

Three stalks attract happiness into any home. Five stems work for wealth and seven stalks, growing in one pot, will give his master's health. Eight of the stems will help to achieve growth in any area of life. And nine stems attract success and fortune. Bamboo happiness with 8 stems will mean an increase in any area ( career, wealth). If you place the bamboo in the South , he will help that person to bring recognition of others. In China, every family has the plant, because all believe in the magic of potted bamboo. There is a tradition to give this plant for the holidays. Bamboo can give everyone, both women and men. It is a universal symbol in Feng Shui.

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