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Mascots that will attract the money

The MDX Awakening the spirit 27.03.2019 at 08:14

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The Science of Feng Shui advises us to have in the apartment or house one or more mascots that will attract money luck. If the apartment is small, it is possible to buy a money frog on coins. Prefer the Golden color of this talisman, gold has always actively attracts money. Such frogs should be three feet, and his mouth needs to be a coin. To put her needs in the financial sector, according to the plan of the apartment. Strong amulet is considered to be Hotei is the most popular God of prosperity and happiness. There is a legend that says that if you make a wish and rubs the figure hotea on the stomach 300 times, then make a wish will be fulfilled. This figure is better to put in the living room so that the hotel was stare at the door. The bigger the mascot the better.

this talisman will absorb negative energy and to protect the owners of the house. Money tree, this is another mascot who works on wealth of their owners. Such a tree can be alive or artificial. This plant has fleshy leaves which have oval or round form. To strengthen the effect of this talisman, when planting dig into the ground a coin, because like attracts like. An important condition for a live mascot, it must be green and healthy and expanding. Goldfish is another talisman for money luck. Is it possible to have live goldfish in the aquarium, you need eight gold and one black fish. This tandem will attract financial luck.

don't forget about that money love respect. Count them carefully and fold the purse according to their dignity. Three Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon, too, is a traditional Chinese mascot, which attracts money. Put them in the refrigerator, so he was always full of food. You can wear this talisman in your own wallet or put under the rug by the front door in the house. All these Chinese mascots become popular around the world. And each of us has a favorite whom we trust and believe.

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