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In France, found a sarcophagus in the age of 1000 years

NEWS PLANET 26.03.2019 at 08:17

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The Unique find was made in the French city of Cherbourg under the same Parking lot. We are talking about a stone sarcophagus, which had been under ground about a thousand years.

the Discovery was made accidentally during the reconstruction of the object, transfers the edition "Archaeology News Network". The plate was a decent size – 1.2 m in length and 0.3 in width. It has been established that in 10-11 centuries on a place of detection of the object was a cemetery. The sarcophagus was similar to the coffins, which did for the Merovingians, the first dynasty of Frankish kings who ruled for three hundred years (5-8 century).

On the cover scientists noticed signs already dead Latin. In the sarcophagus there were some human remains, which, unfortunately, has not been identified. One thing is certain – this man was very wealthy, as only he had the stone sarcophagus.

As noted by the experts on the spot most likely was buried a woman. Research needs to shed light on this point, they will be held in the near future.