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A strange object in the sky in Brazil have seen a decline in "car"

NEWS PLANET 26.03.2019 at 16:17

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24 March 2019 over Santa Catarina, in Brazil, swept across the sky fireball. The event lasted less than seven seconds, after which the object broke apart. The object was named "fireball", though to them such behavior is not characteristic.

1. The car has a tail that consists of particles burning up in the atmosphere. That car that fell in Brazil, the tail is completely absent.

2. When entering the Earth's atmosphere, any object immediately begins to heat to high temperature and becomes noticeable, being at the height of hundreds of kilometers. Brazilian "race car" broke out shortly before his landings.

3. Meteorites can fall at different angles, but in most cases – almost at a right angle. In the atmosphere of meteorites includes often parallel to the surface of the planet. They either bounce off, or for a long time continue to fly horizontally. Combustion of the object happens to fall at a height of 10-20 kilometers. Brazilian "object" constantly flying in parallel, which is more like a plane than a car.

Judging from this, we can say that the object that fell in Brazil – just artificial. But IMO sure it's the car, because they can behave quite strange, especially during the fall. It was also announced that the times already down one car, you may soon start to fall meteorites and comets of small size.